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Building your thought capital on Twitter

To retweet or not to retweet, that is the question.

Josh Sternberg, the founder of Sternberg Strategic Communications, explains the value of the retweet in his Mashable article:

With Twitter’s growing popularity, it’s easy to get bogged down by the “noise” of meaningless tweets. Sternberg compares retweets to academic citations in measuring the value of content.


Recruiters: Think like Marketers

My co-Tweeter brought my attention to this great blog on Cheezehead. Social media and online apps have transformed the way we think about business, marketing, and even recruiting. I wonder if there’s any official survey of the utilization of social media tools by recruiters. But as far as I now, many recruiters have already got swirled into the lightspeed race of finding the best candidates online. LinkedIn, Twitter and SimplyHired are just a few to name. Cheezehead’s Recruiting Starfish says it all (though the resolution of the diagram could be improved); it’s time to re-examine our job boards vs. socnet tools mix in our recruiting practice, and not any less, our strategic mix of website vs. socnet tools use in our marketing practice.

Marketers, check out the way Sodexho is doing it. I think they’re doing something right by being ahead of the socnet game and establishing thought leadership in their own marketplace. Is your audience looped into your latest & greatest socnet activities, or are you operating in an isolated bag of tricks?