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CEO videos don’t have to be zzzz…

CEO remarks and corporate videos don’t have to put viewers to sleep. I just stumbled upon one well-made and upbeat video today from this company called Pinstripe Talent. Check out this Pinstripe Overview Video on CEO Sue Marks gives an overview of Pinstripe and explains their client solution.


Did you know grandma was a social networker?

Turns out the idea of social networking and “face book” is not quite a new concept.

The ‘Face Book Fad’ Is More Than a Century Old

Now if only I could think of a hot, new way to share social experiences…Hmmm…

Social media is no longer an option

In the security firm Aladdin’s Annual Threat Report of 2008, they predicted that identity theft would go social, “the sheer amount of public data on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo and even MySpace make it easier to impersonate, damage or misrepresent a personal or business identity on the Web. We predict that we will see an increase in the amount of Web identity hijacking, and in response, a serious change in the requirements for validating our identities on the Web.”

Social identity thieves have popped up on all the social networking giants- Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. While celebrities and brands are certainly more at risk than the everyday person, it’s possible that social identity theft could negatively impact your next job search. It’s common practice for recruiters and employers to “Google” potential employers. They “get to know” you before even making a phone call. Beware of the “Facebook ghosts,” fake Facebook profiles that want to be your “friend” in order to get personal information from your page. A popular ghost: a sexy blonde with an alluring smile…after all, you want to be her friend and check out her pictures, dont you?

While I’m a fan of the idea of building a personal brand, after all your image is everything, it’s important to at least protect your identity through social networking accounts. Sign up for Facebook and LinkedIn- to portray a professional image enter your employment information and highlight your skills and specialties. Consider registering a domain or your name, available at for $19.99 and for another $9.99 build your own site. Consolidating your resume, social media accounts and more all on one page is a great idea for job seekers. Although 60% of all “tweeters” quit after a month, if you keep at it you can quickly develop a network of people who share your interests much faster than more traditional methods like actual networking events. Sharing your industry expertise adds to your credibility as well. Same goes for blogging–if you know it, share it. You’d be surprised how many people will benefit from what you have to say.

Create a name for yourself before someone else does.

Wisdom from Charles Dickens

DickensURL attributed the following quote to our blog:
“And if it’s proud to have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts,” Miss Jenny struck in, flushed, “she is proud.”

I Love it! Check out your own DickensURL!