Are your readers showing fatigue toward your emails?

It happens way too often, and companies are doing it – treading the landmines of “reader fatigue”. I have a classic real-life example. A business group sends out another email campaign within three weeks after another – different subject matter, but same audience and sender/brand name. Even with an incentive offer in place, the second email campaign returned 2-3 percentage points lower open rate, 50 percentage points higher opt-out rate and 40 percentage points lower clickthrough rate. Statistically, it’s obvious that reader fatigue occurred. Realistically, we won’t know the results until a later date (we measure results over the course of four to six weeks). Alarming stats but marketers in big corps and large organizations often feel “compelled” to roll with “reader fatigue” in the hope of boosting sales in the short-run. How does it pan out in the long-run? More opt-outs and less favored opinions about your brand. After all, who wants to hear from a commercial brand once a month offering similar products and services? Hold your horses, time your email campaigns strategically, decrease frequency and increase relevance and touchpoints from the email, and cultivate a loyal reader base through consistency, relevance and quality – you’ll start to see the difference and benefit in the long run.

I stumbled upon this great powerpoint/whitepaper resource from the Retail Email Blog that echoes my point


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