What not to tweet if you want to save your reputation, life and overall well-being

Tweets get around. To avoid social media gaffes, here are some examples of things you DON’T want to put on your social media network from Twitter to Facebook to MySpace:

1) I have a serious hangover from a party last night
2) I have depression
3) I’m about to kill someone
4) I’m on a job hunt – help!
5) The company I work at sucks
6) I just got a ticket for reckless (drunk) driving
7) The alimony I’m paying to my ex is dragging me down
8) Any financial advice for someone in serious debt?
9) Just got dumped by my ex…
10) I’m seeking a relationship…contact me if you’re interested

You get the point. Emotions, money issues and intimate sharing are best kept OUTSIDE of your social media network.


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