Moving Beyond Experimentation to Revolution: Social Media is Relevant and pervasive


While many are converting to become social networkers and social media marketers, some folks are still twiddling their thumbs about the power and relevance of social media networks and tools, and how their business can leverage them to grow and transform. In my business, I encounter these “laggards” all the time.

TNS Cymfony, a company whose core competency is to tell brands and companies what their consumers are saying about them, recently published the Complete Guide to Build Support for, Implement and Generate Business Results from Social Media Programs. I was so excited to see that and wanted to share with everyone I know.

From the evolution of digital communication (discussion groups -> email marketing-> consumer review sites-> photo-sharing-> virtual communities (Second Life) -> video sharing -> social networks), online tools like these have gradually yet rapidly enhanced consumers’ experience and influence over their peers, which have in turn influenced the popularity, marketing campaign and brand image of different products. This feedback loop is now pervasive and relevant to every line of product and service. Word of Mouth (WOM), though a relatively older term in the Web 2.0 world, has now taken on a new life form—WOM can now feed off any social media channel and kick back decisions made by major corporations if they were not going the way their consumers wanted or anticipated. The amount of insight companies can gather these days about their products over social network sites can now subvert or convert the product development plan of any major brand product company. Talk about the real power of market research and product marketing, but above all, the power of consumers and especially of consumers online.

We must embrace the advent of social media and be part of it. We’ll address the planning and development of a comprehensive social media strategy for your company on the next blog.

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