To Live is to Learn and to Give

Photo credit to Haribo's on

Photo credit to Haribo's on

I was reading up some SAMBA graduates’ experience today, and they made me pause. 

They brought back sweet memories of my high school years at UWC Atlantic College, where two hundred of us in their late teens were instilled with the possibilities of the sky and empowered to learn (like a sponge, soaking up all kinds of knowledge and experience available), do good work to benefit the community, support a myriad of charitable and political causes, and be the best of oneself. I don’t know how many educational institutions would call for the importance of such noble ideals in their curriculum, what I do know is that these ideals are very powerful and can induce the tears, laughters and feelings of joy, gratitude and fearlessness as they have from these SAMBA graduates.

Though armed with an eduation that focused on “calling”, I can’t say I’ve fulfilled even 50% of my calling yet. But until today, I’ve never stopped asking myself what my life goals are, plotting them out on a “roadmap” and taking baby steps one day at a time. I also take inventory of what and how I’ve achieved some of the goals and what I’d need to do tomorrow to achieve more. And in the process of doing so, I’d never forget to ask myself what I’m doing to give back—to others as well as the community and organizations I belong and am so blessed with.

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