Making Sense of Blogging and Bloggers

Seth Godin once again hits the nail on it head on the topic of blogging and being a successful marketer. I’m paraphrasing him: “By blogging, you’re forcing yourself into part of the conversation…if you’re good, some people will read it, if you’re not, you’ll continue to blog more.” I like that – to be part of the conversation. (He was addressing an audience of entrepreneurs.)

Someone asked me recently if blogging is about old-fashioned or out-of-touch, and my answer was a definite “no”. If you have a blog as a CEO or business owner or consultant, you know the value of your blog. It’s not about tooting your own horn, it’s about sharing value and staying transparent with what you know. It’s about empowering others to think about issues that probably concern them equally if not more. 

On any issue we blog about in this space, I don’t believe we’re the only ones thinking about it, but I do believe we could possibly be the only ones who’re expressing those points-of-view at that moment in time. There’s magic to blogging, and you can only experience that magic by doing it.

They say for any successful project, 10% is the idea and 90% is the execution of the idea, and there’s much wisdom to it.

Check out Seth’s recent AMEX OPEN event with Tom Peters and Susan Sobbot.

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