On Marketing…Inspired by a 21:9 Cinema Proportion Online Ad

Go to www.cinema.philips.com for the full view of Philips’ 21:9 online ad titled “Carousel”.

When you have a great product topped with a brilliant marketing plan, it’s a sure-win. This isn’t just another webisode I want to share with you – it’s Philips’ viral commercial to launch its 21:9 Cinema TV. That’s right, not 16:9 but 21:9. For your home theater, this TV allows you to view the widest screen possible giving the fullest gratification of being in an instant cinema. The benefits aside, let’s talk about the commercial.

The approach for the commercial is unique – having actors and actresses wired and frozen in action as the camera glides slowly across the hallway and up the stairs of a building that’s under the attach of anarchistic clowns. Explosions, gunfires, murders and fights were seen “real-time” in one smooth, uninterrupted shot. One may think it’s nostalgic of The Dark Knight in 2008. I can’t help but marvel at the superior level of precision and creativity of the production – by Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Stink Digital. Unrivalled, the movie sweeped the Film Grand Prix for long-form Internet film at the Cannes Advertising Festival several weeks ago.

This is the second year in a row that an Internet commercial bested other award-worthy TV spots. If audience attention to commercials is moving away from TV to the Internet, then what does it mean for marketers like you and me? There’s not much of a doubt that a seismic shift is taking place right now where commercials are exploding and consumers yearning for a heightened level of creativity and experience online.

If you haven’t yet considered the possibility of engaging your customers and clients online, think again. Think how much more often you can join in their conversations, get their feedback and plan your business accordingly; think how many more consumers you can touch over a relativley short period of time, and think how much more scalable your marketing can be when content, people and time are in your hands.

There’s a Chinese wisdom saying that goes – success comes where time, location and people are harmonized. In our terms – if the stars are lined up.

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