Noticing the Unnoticeable

Different marketers have found different sources of creativity. I’ve found noticing the unnoticeable to be mine.

When I notice something extraordinary, I pause, look again, stare and think. Then I make associations in my head with the thing I’m looking at, “What I’m working on right now needs exactly this thing to be different and to sell.” 

I take notes, mental notes and sometimes voice recordings as well. Taking a spin around the block can also usher in new thoughts and reactions. I believe ideas come when you’re not noticing, when you’re caught off-guard. In fact, I find driving , not talking about the idea, a great companion to decision-making, especially when it comes to making quick and important decisions.

Maybe that’s why we still see billboards on highway, that TV commercials are still selling today.

Can we cut out the ads before a trailer or video online? Coz the way they pop up is too noticeable and predictable. Put ads on plates, coffee cup sleeves, paper napkins, shoe-boxes and any place unexpected – places where you won’t normally look for sources of creativity.

Inspired by reading Magic Beans, TV and the web, watching Julie & Julia and eating at Max Brenner.


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