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Putting our daily thoughts on how quickly marketing disciplines are changing and that every business is morphing with newer and better technologies every day is the intent of the Tweeties’ Blog. We are not here to wow or impress, but to deliver honest opinions and gut reactions to business behavior and happenings outside the four walls and cubicles around us. Like yourself, we seek out the most ingenious ideas and the most practical (and executable) lessons from the marketplace where we see marketing disciplines at work. 

The Tweeties’  Blog surveys social network trends, technologies and disciplines and tries to bring them into every business person’s life.  From analyzing the latest tools and research to echoing the best thinking in the marketplace, this blog will connect you to both the newest thinking and the most inspiring thought leaders. Our simple goal for every reader: help you succeed, make better decisions and create greater good for all.

Here’s the blog post that best sums up the reason why ongoing dialogues on how business does integrated marketing matter:  https://tweetiesblog.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/how-social-media-redefines-integrated-marketing/

About Me

My name is Ada Wong. By day, I work for a technology and marketing company called NetElixir as its Social Media instigator and client relationship manager. Specifically, I engage with brand-name retailers by offering them advice and insights for their online advertising programs, in particular their search engine marketing and analytics programs. My clients vary by category, size and geography.

I’m a technologist and social marketing person at heart. I love the online world and can’t live a single day without it. My work life and family life are somewhat meshed – I find inspiration for my work at home and vice versa.

This blog represents myself and my opinions as a marketing communication professional. I do not get paid for any brand I mention or any story I share about particular individuals or retailers. I simply like sharing experience and taking time out to decompose my thoughts and inspiration through reflection and writing.

I welcome interviews. If you’re interested in being interviewed by me (or interviewing me on the subject of the interplay between search engine marketing and social media), please don’t hesitate to skype me at ada.h.wong


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