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Marketers need to be better storytellers than Tiger Woods

Peter Jeffrey of the Wall Street Journal did a great job on this spoof of Tiger Woods’ never-happened verbal apology to the public. The ah-ha moment for me: be honest, transparent, and a better storyteller (or find a better script-writer) than Tiger Woods.

Humor: How to Apologize Like a Tiger WSJ’s Peter Jeffrey

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To Live is to Learn and to Give

Photo credit to Haribo's on

Photo credit to Haribo's on

I was reading up some SAMBA graduates’ experience today, and they made me pause. 

They brought back sweet memories of my high school years at UWC Atlantic College, where two hundred of us in their late teens were instilled with the possibilities of the sky and empowered to learn (like a sponge, soaking up all kinds of knowledge and experience available), do good work to benefit the community, support a myriad of charitable and political causes, and be the best of oneself. I don’t know how many educational institutions would call for the importance of such noble ideals in their curriculum, what I do know is that these ideals are very powerful and can induce the tears, laughters and feelings of joy, gratitude and fearlessness as they have from these SAMBA graduates.

Though armed with an eduation that focused on “calling”, I can’t say I’ve fulfilled even 50% of my calling yet. But until today, I’ve never stopped asking myself what my life goals are, plotting them out on a “roadmap” and taking baby steps one day at a time. I also take inventory of what and how I’ve achieved some of the goals and what I’d need to do tomorrow to achieve more. And in the process of doing so, I’d never forget to ask myself what I’m doing to give back—to others as well as the community and organizations I belong and am so blessed with.

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Wisdom from Charles Dickens

DickensURL attributed the following quote to our blog:
“And if it’s proud to have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts,” Miss Jenny struck in, flushed, “she is proud.”

I Love it! Check out your own DickensURL!

Focus on the Job at Hand and Not the Reward

Simon Sinek is probably one of the most inspirational coaches I’ve ever encountered. He doesn’t know me personally but I sat in one of his classes at Columbia University’s Strategic Communications Program before. As always, his blog makes me pause and think. His blog on “It’s Better to be Given than to Take” reinforces the motto I’ve been trying to follow in life–be the best of yourself with whatever you do. I thank Simon for reminding me that, and I also want to thank my folks for instilling that philosophy in me early on.

Simon’s “Re:Focus” thinking has certainly influenced my marketing approach toward what I do at work every day. If you haven’t read his blog at, go check it out now.

Salute to my influencers!

Social Networkers can possibly live longer lives

If the research results are true, then social networkers can possibly live happier and longer lives. Keep your socnet active and make sure you contribute as much as you can. Make your presence known and build healthy, growing relationships.

Friendship Forever

Welcome to our co-blog! We’re two unassuming marketers joining forces to bring out the best and brightest ideas for fellow marketers. We call ourselves Tweeties because we’re both CIA—cute, inquisitive (intelligent), adorable and love to tweet. Hopefully by the time our blog gets noticed, more than merely 9.3 million people will be twittering, and twittering about our blog. To everyone, friendship forever!